Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maroon 5's Halloween Carnival

Last night I went to possibly the best party I've ever been to. Maroon 5's annual
Halloween party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery had carnival games,
In N Out, celebrities, and tequila milkshakes

Mickey Madden as Skrillex
Z Berg as Sailor Moon with perfect anime eyes.
Dave Rawlings as Hank Williams
Me as the Virgin Mary
Little Red Riding Ren and Me
Jason Boesel as Ty Webb from Caddyshack
Jenny Lewis

Everyone at this party put so much effort into their costumes. I love when there are
more original, hand-made costumes than not. Even the multiple Sam Shakusky's
and Honey Boo Boos all looked terrific.
Sexy Sax Man Sergio and Destinee
Alex as Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window

Matthew Gray Gubler teaches us how to flip a toy gun

It seemed like everyone was in a good mood, as we danced with the 
spirits of Hollywood's past while Thom Yorke DJ-ed. After eight
years of doing this, Maroon 5 really knows how to throw a party.

Damned Soul Gillian Welch

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