Thursday, January 9, 2014

Onto New Things

Hey Guys,
After 5 years of running this blog, I am finally retiring it. All my usual shenanigans, plus more work oriented stuff and my artwork will continue over at my new blog


It got tiring trying to update my current work on this blog, since I started it when I was 16. I hope everyone who likes my posts here will continue to follow my updates on my new blog!


Saturday, November 16, 2013


Took some photos of my BFF Elyse Kern in front of this 
cute, rickety, pink house we found on our walk :3


Saturday, November 2, 2013


Maroon 5 went all out this year with a hotel in Studio City completely redecorated to look like The Overlook Hotel from The ShiningThey hired an actor to sit in the corner typing “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” on a typewriter in Jack Nicholson attire, and cute models to stand in a hallway holding hands in blue dresses while a loop of Shelly Duvall screaming “DANNY!” plays.

I made my costume from scratch- a corset from Frederick's that I re-dyed and reconstructed, added trim, bows, and most importantly lots of rhinestone appliques and Swarovski Crystals. I had a satin bow butt, over custom-made side tie bottoms from Stage Hollywood. The headdress was constructed by me, using black ostrich feathers, some felt, and more crystal appliques. Unfortunately my vampire teeth refused to come out (I guess I shoulda splurged on the expensive fangs), so though I was semi-channeling Evan Rachel Wood's True Blood character, I was really just a very bloodthirsty showgirl

Niki and Mickey got their outfits custom made by the same people that made Brithey and Justin's. Oddly enough there were two other couples in the same outfits, but none as good as theirs. 
Destinee as the hottest Sea Witch Ursula this side of the Atlantic.
Emily Browning as the CUTEST Wednesday Addams (sorry to the million other girls)

Luvbirds Mariah and Katie Bunny
 Till next halloween.... gouge yourselves on sale candy little demons