Friday, April 20, 2012

Coachella Day 1; Daytime Parties

Coachella, or Hoechella, always means the start of the summer to me. It's when the
 pool parties are back in session, the parties are handing out tequila-infused popsicles
and the sunblock, cocktails, and party photographers seem to be endless. Coachella is 
a celebrated holiday for my friends and I. This year we had a group of (unplanned) pastel 
hair, a house we liked to call Twerk Mansion, and a long list of party invites to keep us 
busy all weekend. Here's just day one. (Night 1, including Neon Carnival, and the  
Jeremy Scott/Adidas party coming soon!!)

Step 1: Primping


 Step 2: Lacoste Live Pool Party

DJ Elijah Wood in the gazibo.

The Pastel Posse: Valerie, me, Marie, and Jazper

Step 3: Guess Hotel Party
Vanessa Hudgens in her Coachella attire.

Step 4: Rhonda, Queen of the Desert @ Sagauro Hotel



Topshop top, American Apparel bottoms, shoes borrowed from Marie.

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