Wednesday, January 4, 2012

David Lynch & JJAMZ


I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from last month's adventure of meeting
David Lynch at Amoeba, and then seeing JJAMZ at The Bootleg with Azia. We waited
in line for hours on a surprisingly chilly Hollywood day to meet one of our favorite
directors. Azia and I are huge Twin Peaks fans (she and her boyfriend were even
Audrey & Coop for Halloween), as well as Lynch's other works, of course. I only got to talk
to Lynch for about a minute before I was ushered along (and unfortunately, he did not ask
me to be in his next movie
), but he was extremely kind and even personalized his signature
on my copy of Fire Walk With Me, even when they told him not too. I don't think he
actually knew what the hell I was talking about, but I asked him to write my favorite
Twin Peaks
quote on the box, and he did! So in scribbled gold handwriting, it somehow says
"Today you remind me of a small, Mexican Chi-wow-wow."

Topshop coat, Comme ca Ism sweater, Elvis skirt made by me, Vintage shoes

After that, it was off to The Bootleg Theatre in Silverlake for the JJAMZ/ Postelles
show. It was a great show, of course, and Z Berg is definitely one of my style heroes.

*We weren't allowed to take photos at the meet&greet, so David Lynch photos are courtesy of Amoeba

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