Friday, November 30, 2012

The Met.

One of my (and a million other people's) favorite spots in New York is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I don't think anyone could get tired of seeing one of the most impressive art collections in the world. Plus, the place is so big, I never have time to see everything! While I was in NY I knew I had to hit up the Andy Warhol (and Andy inspired artwork) exhibit, as he's always been a huge influence on my life (you guys missed my wannabe-Edie-Sedgwick phase). I was super bummed to find out we weren't allowed to take pictures inside that exhibit so regretfully I can't show you the multicolored Marilyns, Cindy Sherman photos, and Michael Jackson statues I fawned over. If you are in New York before the exhibit closes, you MUST go. If you're not so lucky, I really recommend reading books, looking at pictures, or watching movies of Andy's life and his whole Factory scene.

Dress I made myself, BCBG coat, Topshop glasses
I've always had a real emotional connection to art, and I used to study 
art history in school so I was getting a little verklempt over everything.


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