Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lana del Rey Gets All David Lynchy for H&M

When H&M came out with the Lana del Rey campaign, I was disappointed that all they 
could come up with were grey backgrounds and safe styling. Then this video gets delivered
from the Fandom gods: plastic perfect Lana del Rey in a purely David Lynch style setting 
where she croons Blue Velvet to a group of creepy, but well dressed girls. Lana del Baby 
is more fabulous/dangerous than a Laura Palmer/Audrey Horne hybrid. She really is a 
perfect candidate for a Lynch heroine. She has that 1950s look, with her Priscilla Presley 
bouffant and Ann-Margret sweater-leggings combo, she is weird and off-putting, and she
has questionable acting skills and personality. I want to die and live in this video forever.

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