Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Father John Misty. Pink Cars. The American Dream.

Monday night, my current FAV musician, Father John Misty
played School Night at Bardot. It was a packed house (or a packed bordello?), 
but I managed to sneak up front and get a couple pictures. And does anyone want 
to claim the pink car I spotted on Hollywood Blvd as their own? I want it.




  1. That is one fine car, Cherokee. It’s gorgeous, and I want it, too. Lol! :D I love the exterior’s amaranth pink shade and those adorable pink car seat covers. Anyway, pink is apparently your favorite color. Are you planning on buying your own pink car, too?

    Clint Moore

  2. No wonder almost everybody wants that car as their own. That surely is one eye-catching vehicle. I also like the pink patterned seats. I wonder how much the owner of the car spent in customizing it.

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