Thursday, June 14, 2012

You know the night's gonna be weird when your best friend dresses like a panda and your date is a YouTube celebrity.

Around this time of year, high schoolers all over America obsess over one thing: Prom. But why can't those among us who have long since graduated still celebrate? Especially when you can dress outrageously and no one gets detention for spiking the punch (it's even encouraged)! So get your hair did, find a date, and leave room for Jesus, because here's the story of my post-high school Prom 2012.

 Now in this post, you won't see girls in Betsey Johnson dresses, or dapper young men holding corsages, and instead of a theme like "A Night to Remember" or "Under the Stars," the theme of the night was Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Yes, the party scene at the Capulets' where Romeo and Juliet first lay eyes on each other. If you've seen the movie, you know that's no typical banquet. There's drag queens, angels, devils, astronauts, gangsters, and everything and anything in between.



Of course we couldn't have anyone in our group looking normal, so Sexy Sax Man Sergio, 
dressed as Mercutio, the cross-dressing mediator. We got him a crystalled bra, and a  
Navin skirt, and he tied it together with his own velvet coat.


 Sergio hooked us up with a Bentley Limo to take over to the prom at the  Alexandria 
ballroom in Downtown LA. Along the way, he serenaded us with sweet sax jams.

Master DJ Keith Wilson/Keith 2.0


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  1. Sick outfits! You're blog is like endless inspiration <3