Sunday, November 20, 2011

New York 2011, Part 1

I recently took (another) trip to the great city of New York, and I already miss it. Of course,
LA is my home, but I love visiting the East Coast from time to time. I was fortunate enough
to attend Teen Vogue's Fashion University again, so on one of my first nights there, my friend Hugo and I hit up TV's H&M party.

From Midtown to the Lower East Side, and in my new H&M dress,
we made our way to Broome Street.

Something crazy was going on. We never did find out what it was.

Although it was hard to leave the signed picture of Betty White, we wandered across
the street to an opening going on at the Munch Gallery for RADICAL!'s
exhibit, "Upside Down Frowns" (and checked out some dirty Men's magazines)

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