Monday, January 17, 2011

New York, Post 3: Teen Vogue Fashion U

This post is way, way overdue, and I sincerely apologize, but I wanted to make sure to add the notes I took during the Teen Vogue seminars, and thanks to some tidying up, I just found my New York notebook.

Every year, Teen Vogue hosts a weekend for young people interested in working in the fashion industry. I am so priveleged to have attended the 2010 session because I learned so much, and I want to share with you some of the tips I aquired.

As any person with any interest in fashion would be, I was ecstatic to see Anna Wintour in the flesh. She told her incredible tale of how she went from a Magazine-King's daughter to arguably the most important person in the fashion world today. The most important suggestion I took from Anna's seminar was to always do your best. Without Anna's tedious attention to detail and competitive need to be the best, she wouldn't be where she is now.

I was the most excited to see one of my favorite designers, Erin Fetherston:

Me and Erin!

Erin Fetherston has been one of my top favorite designers for years, so when I heard she was speaking at this year's Fashion U, I signed up right away and sat front and center.

  • Erin lived in Paris 5 years after graduating college
  • She didn't have a plan about how to start a clothing line after school, but wanted to anyway.
  • She created a 10 piece collection
  • Got a sponsorship from a lace company
  • She created a whole collection made from silver lace that she manipulated
  • Decided to spend more time working on the collection so she could show it as a haute couture collection, with 33 pieces
  • As a more established designer she's able to work with people like Kirsten Dunst and Ellen von Unwerth
  • Erin's motto is Femininity + Fantasy + Individuality
  • No one has a specific path to being a designer
  • The more knowledge you have, the more it will benefit you in the future
Erin's advice to young people looking to work in the fashion industry:
  • Take your time to learn and go through school. Don't rush things.
  • Educate yourself about the fashion world
  • Make connections because the industry runs on references
  • Have a sense of fashion history

The next seminar I went to was a blogger's meeting. What a surprise that I was interested in this!
The panel included Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, her mom, Judy from Atlantis Home, Phil Oh from Street Peeper, and Hanneli Mustaparta of Hanneli.

They all had great tips on creating your own content, writing, and photography.

The next seminar was presented by Mark makeup artists Mai and Nicole.

Here are some of their beauty essentials:
  • false lashes
  • blotting papers
  • eyelash curler
  • multitasking products
  • hand sanitizer
  • gel eyeliner
  • nude lipcolor
  • anti-acne gel
  • red lip color
  • SPF
  • eating healthy

Next up was the adorable and remarkable Zac Posen:

(They gave him a cake because it was his birthday the next day!)

Zac was chock-full of fantastic, real information for people (like myself) who are interested in becoming designers:
  • Use everything in your talent
  • A fashion illustration is 10 heads high
  • Be out and about, and always be in touch with culture
  • To be a real designer, you have to find your own formula
  • "Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor"
  • You have to ask and put yourself out there for things to happen
  • You need talent, drive, connections, and funding
  • Jump on trends that you know will be out there
  • Develop a strong personality
  • Find what you can say that hasn't already been said
  • Know the history of fashion
  • Do whatever it takes to get where you want

The keynote speaker of the day was the legendary Vera Wang:

Vera Wang has had an undeniably long and successful career. In her speech, she very humbly spoke about how she got to where she is. Vera worked in retail at Yves St Laurent, where she met the editor of Vogue, who got her a job working for the magazine. She spent 16 wonderful years as Vogue's fashion editor. Vera got married at age 40, the same time she decided to take the next step in the fashion world. Her father agreed to help her out in business, but only if it was for Bridal. Vera says her brand stands for passion, love of design, and respect for women.

And finally, what I wore that day:

A pink, vintage, tulle, bow hat, white sweater vest, "Cinderalla" scallop skirt made by me, red H&M tights, and vintage slingbacks.

X's and O's,


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