Friday, November 5, 2010

Road Trip, Part III: Hardly Strictly

Above are photos of some of the crowd, my friends on our walk to the next event, the sensational Felice Brothers, and a bus I wish I owned.

After barely a nap in Big Sur, we awoke early to the sound of Brigitte Bardot's Moi Je Joue as the alarm on Elyse's iPhone. We packed up the car, and headed to San Francisco to the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Neither me, nor my three friends/travel companions had ever been to SF, let alone the yearly festival, so it was quite an experience.

The first act we wanted to catch was Conor Oberst, playing with The Felice Brothers as his backing band. We got to the festival just about when he was to go on, but it was so crowded there, we couldn't even find a parking spot! Well it took us about an hour to park, and by the time we got to the stage, he was already halfway through his last song, Poison Oak. Luckily we got to see him play the night before, so it wasn't a major loss, and we did get to stop by and visit the band after their set.

The next day, The Felice Brothers played bright and early on the Arrow Stage. If you like folk music, and don't listen to The Felice Brothers, check them out! Here they are at the festival, playing Saint Stephen's End.

Although it was a bit too foggy out, we did find a cool swamp nearby to rest after the festival. Below are my friends trying to keep warm in the chilly bay weather.

The sun came out at one point, just in time to watch Randy Newman (my generation might know him better as the guy who did the Toy Story theme song, You Got A Friend In Me). My beautiful, model-esque friends Canada and Elyse wait for him to begin his set in cool shades and vintage ensembles.

*I didn't record,nor do I own the videos, fyi!

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