Thursday, October 28, 2010

Road Trip, Part I: The Madonna Inn

Along my road trip up the California coast this month, my friends and I stopped at the legendary Madonna Inn for lunch and slices of pink cake in their cafe.

The Madonna is a pink, fairy tale, dream world. It looks as if Hansel and Gretel created it, if Hansel was a flamboyant interior decorator and Gretel was a pompous diva. When we got there, we walked up to the bakery display, where they had the most beautiful, Barbie-play-kitchen, looking cakes, especially the ones that were bright pink. After we were seated, we all girled out over the pink sugars, rock candy, and the decadent goblets they gave us for our waters. We took paper napkins and sugar packets, all personalized with the Madonna logo, as souvenirs.

Elyse and I both got slices of cake. She got german chocolate, and I got apple cinammon, which was the one with the pink icing.

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