Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Effy Stonem

In honor of the new season of Skins (which I think is really good so far. What are your thoughts?) this post is dedicated to Effy. Her episode comes out this week, but her self-destructive yet beautiful ways have inspired many of us.

Season 1 + 2

In Season 3 she showed a more put together sense of style. Lots and lots of black, boots, rips, Converse and jeans when she showed her more human, emotional side.

effy by fant featuring TopShop

In Season 4, Effy just looks like an Urban Outfitters storefront window. Not necessarily bad, just not very creative. Let's hope the new episodes show a more defined sense of style.

And here is the Polyvore set I made in honor of Effy (in my most idealistic version.)

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