Friday, April 19, 2013

Bindi Dots + JoBros

~*~DAY TWO~*~

Some of my housemates- Niko, Jackie, Alexis, Valerie, Diana

Adriana is my National Anthem
Sofia's outfit reminded me of something my grandma would have worn in the 60's, I love it!

My outfit breakdown:
No clue where I got the hat. That's what happens when you keep everything you've ever bought. Glasses from Chili Beans, my favorite chola-chic doorknocker earrings, holographic swimsuit
skirt is another Devil Slang piece that will be up for sale in the store one day.

The Guess party was fantastic as usual. We had squirt gun fights, got written up by mysterious figures on typewriters, took photos in Rony's Photo Booth, and even watched a grueling game of ping pong held by The Jonas Brothers

Then we went to the Revolve Clothing paryt at The Saguaro, which was 
hella mellow with flower crowns, candy, Pharrell's new delish liquor, and the
Crème de la Crop in terms of Coachella fashion.  
I even ran into my favorite NY blogger/social media guru Joe
The Saguaro and Revolve posted these pictures of us on instagram
Walking in with Aziz on the left, and sipping on Qream on the right.

She's like rockabilly coachella dorothy <3 b="">


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  7. Awesome collection of photos! Seems a lot of fun! x

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  12. your hair color here is so nice! where on earth can i get that holographic swimsuit?! i'm so in love with it!