Thursday, April 21, 2011

Massive Coachella Post

While most people in Indio this past weekend might have been tripping to Arcade Fire or sweating to The Strokes at Coachella, I just went for the parties. Every year, about half of LA's 20-somethings can be found lounging by the pool or getting their picture taken at one of the Coachella parties going on in the area.

We may have gotten a bit lost on the way there (hence the sideshow of cows), and the regularly 2 and a half hour drive to Coachella took about three and a half.

my friend Valerie workin' the highway and the grocery store on our first day out

My Saturday outfit: An LBD I made for daytime, and a Topshop swimsuit.

Some stylish girls outside the Lacoste party:

The day was spent party-hopping all around Indio, Bermuda Dunes, and Palm Springs. Eventually at night, we ended up at the Ace Hotel and got crazy.

Day 2:

On Sunday, we hung out at the Belvedere Vodka party. My suit is half Victoria Secret/half Topshop, and Valerie's is Betsey Johnson.

The Sunday outfit, with and without shorts.

After Belvedere, we went back to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for some swimming. The hotel is right up against the mountains, and it's beautiful at dusk. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.


  1. YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!!! WHO DRIVES ALL THE WAY TO COACHELLA AND DOESNT GO SEE MUSIC. you are so lame! your hair looks bad. YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!!!!! AHHHHHHHH i want to punch your face. poser. do you even like music!!?!?!?!? does anyone actually read this blog?

  2. oh my god, do you even LIKE music, cherokee? oh my godddddd!!!

  3. Uh, that said-- baby, you are so gorgeous! I'm incredibly jealous of your ability to rock a hot two-piece swimsuit with high heels-- whenever I try that I just look foolish.

    Anyway, you are beautiful. <3

  4. hahahah do I even like music? actually, A LOT of people go just for the parties, and sometimes there are bands that play at the parties.

  5. Gosh Cherokee, please stop annoying people who read your blog, they obviously do not have a choice in the matter.

    Music is for lamoes and dummies anyways.